Monday, March 17, 2014

Not enough of a packrat??

Is it possible to be a little too free with the trash can?
This was the only compact I could find at Longears, despite the many, many compacts I have had over the years.  This one is at least 10 years old.  Frankly, those days when I did powder my nose, it didn't need it.  Now, I am far beyond the power of powder to improve!
Well, at least I found one "free" compact for my embroidering  craze!

In the center is a silver bezel with a pressed floret from Queen Anne's Lace embedded in resin.


  1. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day! This is so cute - I love the idea of putting your little garden in a compact and this one is perfect. The Queen Anne's lace in resin is the best little touch, too. I'm not much of a packrat either; I throw (or donate) stuff all the time.

  2. I fear you were born in the wrong century.
    Victoriana would have suited you to a tea me thinks.