Monday, July 18, 2011

Tube watercolor is different from pans!

Carol Gillot of Paris Breakfasts recommended the new winsor-newton large pans.  She sent me to this You-tube video:
The nice man said that tube colors are formulated differently than pans!  Who knew?  Tube paint loses it's dispersant and conditioners when it dries and can be hard to re-wet without the conditioner and dispersant.
Another video  explained that tube paints do not contain the preservatives that pans have.
With a wonderful 50% off coupon for my local art store, I bought 2 colors:

  •  Burnt umber because it cracks up when I dry it in pans and is very hard to re-wet
  • Cobalt because I've had trouble with it getting moldy in my old plastic palette with a rubber seal to keep the paint moist.

I am in love!  These colors come in a very large white china pan,  2 1/2 inches by 3 1/4 inches.  They rewet instantly and make a wonderful creamy wash in just a few swipes of the brush.  The pans can stack and there is also a nice wooden holder for the pans.  They are pricey; you're getting a lot of paint in this size pan.  I'm saving my pennies for more colors!