Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A happy Thanksgiving to you!
Butter box journals have been very trendy among online journalists and I have finally found the most apropos subject for the butter-box journal:  my Thanksgiving prep guide!  After all, I use more butter for this meal than I have used all year.

If only my real to-do lists looked this nice all the much more motivating!

I've incorporated the stickers and labels from the meal and included a critical path timeline for Turkey Day activities.  Once an architect, always an architect.  Like Eisenhower planning D-Day, I have given a lot of thought to this plan.  As a result, the beaches at Longears are safe for Freedom and the American Way.  (Remember, I live in Kansas!)

And for those well-intentioned people who want to help, I am holding a turkey feather drawing...on the back of each feather is a last-minute task just waiting for someone to accomplish.
I hope you and yours will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!