Sunday, January 20, 2013

Referencing all those journals - the lazy way

A page of thumbnail shots from one of my wildflower journals
I recently had reason to refer to something in an old journal, and it took me only 3 minutes to find it.  Knowing you journallers as I do, you, too have many, many volumes to keep track of.  I know there are people who have the discipline to number pages and create indexes but that's not me, and that's not how I recall information.....I recall events by the pictures I drew of them.  So, upon completing each journal, I photograph the cover and all the pages and print a contact sheet with thumbnails of every page.  I label the pages and pop them into a binder, divided by category (regular journal, garden journal, travel, etc.)  I can flip through those pages and find what I want very quickly!


  1. Well how cool is this?! I recently had to look through all my past journal pages (as how did I come to have so many journals?!) and it would have been absolutely perfect if I had done this.

    So far I haven't organized any journals at all. I do scan each page for posts or for future reference, and have even photographed some (but not all) of the covers. It's now going on my list of things-to-do for a slow day.

    Thank you for this idea!!

    P.S. Did you use Photoshop or something else to create the contact sheets?

  2. I found your blog vis-a-via "Tales of Carmel...." and love what I read and see, but am totally confounded by these butter journals. I researched them online a bit, but still don't know exactly what they are (most are awesome and made by hand it seems). Not being a journal-type, have I missed something? Your one for Thanksgiving is really special and I'd love to know more. Thanks so much and I've booked-marked you.

  3. Gawd this is a FAB idea!
    I wish I'd done this before I tossed or gave away so many sketchbooks..
    Wonder if its too late to start...
    Contact sheets...a thing of the past no?

  4. To me that sounds very much like indexing...just the Long ears method. Course I've never kept a journal in an orderly way..or even a disorderly way so what do I know. Yr blog is a wonderful way to avoid doing important things on the other hand. Most useful.