Thursday, October 6, 2011

I dreamed I went to Paris with Carol of Paris Breakfasts.

And if you don't know Paris Breakfast, go over and acquaint yourself right now!
We were immediately drawn to this window.  Is it?  YES!  My first Parisian macaron tower!
The pastry case was filled with strictly ordered rows, as any Parisian case is arranged.
Though the macs were a bit depleted!
They even had Carol's beloved guimauve! (marshmallows)
The boxes were so elegant!  Shades of Laduree?
The boxes are dressed in beautiful silk ribbons.
This chest provided an elegant station for coffee and tea condiments.
The napkins and plastic to-go ware nestled beautifully inside the drawer in pink linens.
Even the plastic ice cream bowls were tres chic!
We decided to sit on this lovely period piece.
The Mariage Freres tea was perfection!

As I paid the bill, I glanced down to the countertop and saw the shop's card.  Natasha's Mullberry and Mott!  Why, that's not in Paris at all!  We were in Kansas!


  1. Looks like a fun place and must have been even more fun to go with the Queen of Paris (Breakfasts and otherwise)! And very much like the photos of a Parisian Patisserie I have seen!

  2. I think I'm jealous!!! Even if it is just Kansas....

  3. So happy to have shared this experience with you! But when did you sneak back?!!

    This is WAY better than Paris!
    Who needs Paris when you have Natasha.
    I love it
    Tanks Dahlink!
    What a fun place.
    Nothing as fun in New York I can tell ya Hon.

  5. Jeanette, such a deliciously clever posts!
    Why has my cousin in KC not told me about this? I can be in KC in 6 1/2 hrs, but less with visions of Nastasha's in the headlights! I didn't allow myself to check their online store for fear I would order a lot of everything!

  6. I love this bakery. We just stopped in for a box of assorted macaroons for Kyla's birthday. One day Bill took the boys on the bike path and they stopped in for ice cream. Just a delightful spot.

  7. Wow! Could have had me fooled! Looks like a great spot for a cup of tea. carol will enjoy this! Lovely...

  8. this place is better than the REAL thing.
    I wish you'd come back with me...still having adjustment what am I doing here?

  9. Please post some more from this divine place.
    Oh why do I not live in Kansas???

  10. Soon it will be time to go again..
    Get ready for March!!!

  11. PLEASE do another post!
    everytime I see this at Sue's I go nuts!!
    'cause I'm not there now :(

  12. you have 3 weeks to get READY again!!