Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trader Joe's Macarons - or What are friends for?

If you don't know Paris Breakfast you MUST run over there at once!  Paris Breakfast travels to Paris several times a year in order to keep us on the cusp of everything French, with a particular emphasis on French pastries and macarons.  She selflessly researches, photographs, paints, and shares her findings with us.
When I recently told her that I now have access to Trader Joes, she mentioned that she has never tired TJ's macarons because she has to use public transit to and from TJ's.  I recognized my duty at once:  I went straight to TJ's and bought this box of vanilla and chocolate macarons.

By the time I got home with it - 20 minutes at 94 degrees- they had defrosted, and I carefull removed one of each flavor from the box.    Please note that the macs are NOT a uniform size.  Hmmmm. Uh-oh!  The vanilla shell top crumbled as soon as it touched it!  

I put them both to the taste test.  They were OK, a bit too sweet but I think that is because they're vanilla and chocolate.   I've never had a vanilla mac or a plain chocolate macaron.  Half the fun of macs is the gorgeous colors and exotic flavor combinations.  I think the flavors (like pistachio, passionfruit, chocolate with blackberry filling, etc.) cut the sweetness and add a bit of tang.
But back to that collapsing vanilla shell:  would a second mac crumble, too?  I tried it, and it DID!  Now I was on a mission, and I had to remove all of them from the package.  Egad!  Every last one of the vanillas crumbled.  You can't serve crumbled macs to guests.  I had to choke them all down.  Then I noticed the irregular sizes of the chocolate macs.  Those, too, would have to go.  Can't serve guests irregular macs.  But, hey Paris Breakfasts, what are friends for?


  1. So glad you took care of those cookie irregularities! I think I'll have to see if our new Trader Joe's has more perfect macaroons. Thanks for the tip.....ridding the world of irregular cookies might be a life mission....

  2. ' irregular sizes '
    Most disappointing indeedy-do.
    Course they have traveled a long way from France so...
    I wonder if they had not frozen them on this side of the drink...
    I have lovely looking 5-month old macs in the fridge unfrozen though...

  3. Now your mission is to find the perfect one and report back to us...a trip to Paris might be in the cards.

  4. Hahaaa! I, too, have had Trader Joe macs--they are definitely not the best in the world, and they're so tiny, too--a complaint of mine! But they'll do in a bind. If you gotta' have a mac, they'll do, trust me! (I also wish they had more flavors--pretty limited--so far, I've seen the vanilla and chocolate at our store, too, but that's it.

  5. ahhh macarons, Carol "turned me on" to these little beauties and I swear I ate my weight's worth in Paris - it will be hard to find a commparable one this side of the pond I am afraid.